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A Not So Weekly Update

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It has been a while.

Don’t worry; we’ve been busy.

Most magic happens while deeply considering a vision, a purpose, and why we do anything at all. We have been doing that a lot, and I’m happy to announce that we have clear skies. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

Our Purpose

We have been thinking critically about how we will save the republic. In the end, we realized we must center our narrative on explaining how much we have to lose. We will convince everyone that our country is more than worth saving; it is critical to the free world’s future.

As we surface facts about our country, we shine a light on ourselves and the world around us. We will reveal the truth, and we will embrace it, even when it’s ugly.

Our Vision

To be a distributed and self-organizing army of fact-checkers.

Like our country, we must adhere to a decentralized power structure.

As we build an open-source platform for distributed fact-checking we must quickly distribute ourselves. As we expand we will work as independent teams with the same principles, purpose, and vision.

We see a community of truth & science lovers crunching data, being creative, and having fun while revealing why we must Save The Republic.

Getting Involved

Everyone sets their own level of involvement within Save The Republic. We are a volunteer organization that evolves as the need arises.

Right now, our core work centers around building software products.

  1. A globally distributed data store with built-in integrity.
  2. Distributed data services.
  3. A content production pipeline.
  4. A design system.
  5. Meta profiles for political figures.

In parallel, these opportunities exist.

  1. Defining
    1. A donation stategy
    2. A financial strategy
    3. A legal strategy
  2. Writing
  3. Research

Again, this is a volunteer organization. Nobody should feel obligated to Save The Republic; we are obligated to our families first. When you find time to contribute you are more than welcome. Don’t hesitate to join us on Slack and ask how you can help.

A Personal Note

I have immensely enjoyed working with my friends on Save The Republic. We all have busy lives, so any time spent together is a gift. I’m looking forward to working with them and you to reimagine a fact-based world.

I believe in the United States of America. I believe we will leave the early 20s stronger than ever. We will support irrefutable facts and scientists that adhere to strict peer review processes. I’m confident we will solve our health care problems, financial problems, equality problems, and any other problems that come our way.

I know Americans, and yes, everyone living on the North American continent, believes in Democracy. At least half of the world is with us, and more people than we know are rooting for us. I’m sure of it.

A Preview

Here’s a sample of what’s to come.

Here is a quickly crafted infographic I created in Canva. It illustrates how we can use our narrative. Imagine replacing this content with cross-referenced claims that support our narrative.

The sky is the limit with high integrity data sets.

We will work with our resources to produce top-notch high integrity narratives that make a difference. All of this while providing ourselves with the tools we need to make informed decisions.

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