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Let's save the republic one fact at a time.


The Problem

Citizens are missing tools and methods to combat misinformation.

Misinformation saturates political discourse throughout our country. The primary reason this strategy has been so successful is that our media has taught us from early youth to trust news organizations to provide unbiased fact-based reporting. Not only did We The People stop questioning what we were hearing, but we also ceased to research what we were hearing. Most reputable news organizations have resorted to paywalls and personal agendas. Unfortunately, news organizations’ primary goal today is to make money and silence the masses into submission.


To counter misinformation that threatens the stability of the United States with facts, reason, and science.

Current Mission

Identify and collect misinformation for the purpose of countering lies.


  • Data mining against social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, Parler, etc.
  • Social media campaigns that counter lies
  • Libraries of copy-paste ready content for social media
  • Cooperate with other non-profit organization, like Wikipedia & Snopes
  • Build a fact-checking pipeline


We believe these principles balance our cause.


We need the truth to counter misinformation


Power corrupts, so we need temperance to prevent corruption


We need it, but we will not allow it to consume us.


We don’t let political opinions guide us.


We share these values with many people beyond the borders of the United States. If you share our values, you are welcome to join in our cause.

  • We share information that counters false information based on verifiable facts
  • We believe that all people are created equal
  • We use valid data to prove the information we share
  • We pool our collective intelligence, connections, and passions to affect positive change
  • We believe in the scientific method
  • We trust respected subject matter experts
  • We welcome the contributions of subject matter experts
  • And, most importantly, we love the United States

Do you align with our principles and values?

We are working to improve the state of politics in the United States.

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