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Let's save the republic one fact at a time.

Holiday Update

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Welcome everyone!

We hope this message finds all of you and your loved one’s safe and healthy this holiday season and far into the foreseeable future. All the chaos that’s happened in our political and health arenas over the past four years has interrupted our daily lives in so many negative ways. But finally, as of yesterday, Biden is President-elect. And it couldn’t come soon enough.
We hope our country can now collectively heal and reunite in the face of the many threats we as a country face from within and from without. We need to rebuild our country and its ethics, morals, and beliefs on a foundation of facts, honesty, and acceptance.

Save The Republic’s arms and legs are growing. Our collective intuition, knowledge, and wisdom continues to expand as many new members join us. As with any movement, it starts small, then expands its influence as it spreads out like ripples across a still body of water. We welcome you all!

Our focus is on collecting data to build a narrative that we believe in. And that first narrative is:

We Have Everything To Lose

If we don’t fight for our country, it will slip from our grasp as so many before have throughout human history. We take our beautiful country for granted because a great many of us haven’t lived in second and third world countries within this lifetime. If we do not act now, we will weep later when our great union splits and crumbles and slips from our grasp between our trembling fingers.

Now is the time to create a movement. Now is the time to take action; the time to work together to rebuild our country and show it and each other our love. As Americans, we possess the collective strength, resilience, and wisdom required to move forward and rebuild a better future for us all.

With this narrative, and with data to back up our actions and ideals, our movement will grow.