Save The Republic
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Let's save the republic one fact at a time.

Weekly Meeting

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We met today to discuss current events. It was a lively discussion about the state of things, what we can do to fix our problems, and where we are going.

A New Principle

We decided to add a new principle to our charter.


We don’t let political opinions guide us.

We believe the information we consume comes with too many opinions. We only want the facts. We strive to produce content that helps you decide the truth.

Our goal is to arm you with neutral information collected by trusted organizations. We do not want to violate your trust by adding our political opinions and the content we provide.

Where We Are Going

We have reached a point of consensus. We are in agreement on what’s important.

With these goals in hand, we are taking action. 🎯

  1. Collect and store useful data sources like the Corruption Perceptions Index.
  2. Build dashboards that consume useful data
  3. Create content that you can share to help you balance our public discourse with facts, reason, and science.

Despite world events, we are excited and hopeful that America’s best days are ahead.

It’s More Important

What we are doing here is more important than we realized. Most, if not all of us, have seen the stories unfold during and after the electoral college votes certification. Our country is in danger from all viewpoints. Now, more than ever, it is time to save the republic.